Is This Really The Best Place To Live In England?

We're often told money can't buy happiness, but a new study suggests England's most prosperous boroughs aren't necessarily the best places to live.

Professional services firm Grant Thornton UK LLP has measured 324 boroughs in England using what it calls the "Vibrant Economy Index."

As well as economic prosperity, this yardstick takes into account other factors that contribute towards a happy lifestyle: dynamism and opportunity; inclusion and equality; health, wellbeing and happiness; resilience and sustainability; and community, trust and belonging.

According to the study, Cambridge measured best across the board, followed by another well-known university town, Oxford, and the borough of Richmond upon Thames in south-west London.

Some relatively economically prosperous parts of the country fell down in other areas of the Vibrant Economy Index. The study found that people living in very prosperous London boroughs are more likely to be anxious, while the economically prosperous city of Leeds was found to be "underperforming in terms of inclusivity and equality."

Meanwhile, Birmingham's economic prosperity was offset by "notable public health challenges including above average levels of diabetes and child obesity, with the result that life expectancy is low."

Check out the top ten most "vibrant" boroughs in England below.

1. Cambridge
2. Oxford
3. Richmond upon Thames
4. Guildford
5. South Cambridgeshire
6. Wokingham
7. Windsor and Maidenhead
8. Vale of White Horse
9. Winchester
10. Reigate and Banstead


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