Take Your Best Shot: How To Look Good In Every Photo

Remember picture day at school? When you would painstakingly spend hours picking your favourite pink spaghetti strap, and clip in three too many butterfly hair clips for your yearbook portrait, only to look, in horror, when said photo revealed a shiny, blown-out face, matted locks, and the most unflattering pose of all time?
Well, now, thanks to the smartphone, every day is picture day. With everyone packing a camera in their pockets, we’re both equipped to capture the most unexpected of moments and challenged to look camera-ready. All. The. Time. So, in this selfie age, where we're all thrown into the role of photographer and 24/7 subject, we can't think of a better time to learn the rules of epic image-making.
We talked to celebrity stylists for tricks on tweaking our shirts and skirts; professional makeup artists for their behind-the-scenes tips; photogs for clues about how to pose; and hairstylists to help us figure out what, exactly, we should do with our tresses. The result is 20 of the best-kept photo secrets, to help you look amazing in every picture, every time. Now, if only you could go back in time to retake that Class of '99 YB photo...

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