The Secret To Getting Longer, Stronger Hair In 90 Days

So you finally got the cut you've been coveting for what seems like forever, but about three months into your new 'do, you realise you desperately miss your long hair. We've been there. It's not that you hate your new look, necessarily, but there are only so many ways one can style a bob/lob/pixie, and you get bored easily. So, what to do?
While you can't exactly get that length back overnight (although we're still waiting for the day this becomes a reality), there are some tips and tricks to help maximise your growth and, most importantly, make the process a bit more bearable.
First things first, you've got to have a game plan — and commit to it. "Be on a schedule, do the right things, stick with it. Don’t just say, ‘Yeah, [I'm] going to do it’ and then [not] do it," advises hairstylist Nunzio Saviano. "Put it on a calendar...know when you get a trim, if you need to take vitamins, etc."
Sounds strict, but the great part is, you’ll learn how to take care of your hair all over again. You'll come out of the 90 days with healthy tresses (maybe the healthiest they've ever been), a couple of inches of growth, and a great jumping-off point for however long you plan on growing out your mane.

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