This Instagram Account Is For Every Woman Who Overplucked Her Brows In The 90s & 00s

Photo: Victor Malafronte/Getty Images.
Oh, the recklessness of youth. Everyone remembers the first time they attacked their eyebrows, whether it was an attempt to emulate your older sister's perfectly tweezed arches (without your mum's knowledge, of course), or getting an equally clueless friend to wax them with Boots' finest at-home strips (ouch).
Perhaps eyebrows were so alluring to us as teens because they were less intimidating than other body hair; or perhaps it was their ability to change the way our face looked – even if it never worked out the way we wanted...
Unfortunately, we have a habit of following the crowd when it comes to shaping our brows, with absolutely no consideration of whether said shape will suit us. The '00s was a particularly rough patch, with celebrities and mere mortals alike launching a full-throttle attack on their eyebrows.
Our theory is that in the '90s, genuinely cool women like Drew Barrymore and Janet Jackson worked pencil-thin brows with panache, which led to a generation of teens hacking away at their own with whatever tool was to hand. By the time the '00s came around, we'd gone too far. There were patches, length issues, regrowth impossibilities and addictions to the oh-so-satisfying pluck.
With big, bold and bushy the shape du jour, courtesy of Cara and her naturally beautiful brows, it's a frustrating time for teens of the '90s and '00s. Regrowth isn't easy, and all hope of rocking thick, luscious brows died with our very first Tweezerman. But your outlook is about to change. Instagram account @historyofoverplucking is here to soothe your nonexistent brow woes and prove that, actually, less is more. Who needs gels and tints and threading?
Click through to see the best examples of teeny, tiny, skinny brows, modelled by the coolest women out there.

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