How To Wear The Contents Of Your T-Shirt Drawer The Fashion Week Way

Photographed by Melodie Jeng.
I’m willing to put down some good money that most people have a drawer that contains random T-shirts they mostly wear to bed (if you are the type of person who only sleeps in proper pyjamas and hangs up your T-shirts, this article is definitely not for you, but please leave a comment and tell us all your secrets). These shirts have come from all over the place: freebie gift bags, vintage stores, your uni days, team-building activities, and hen nights. You pull one out to wear on pottering-around-the-house days, and to gym sessions where you’re just looking to get a sweat in during an off-hour. But, in an actual outfit?
Yes, definitely — if you take Fashion Week attendees’ summer looks as any evidence that a plain graphic T-shirt (the baggy, boxy, not-so-fashion-y kind) can look incredible when you wear it with dressed-up separates. All it takes is a smart cuff, some creative accessorizing, and making sure that your bottoms are really pulling their weight. Click through to see five outfits that incorporate your bedtime T-shirts. Then, go forth and finally take them out into the daylight — sleep no more!