This Old-Lady Accessory Is Coming Back In A Big Way

If there was ever a winter accessory that was around before any other, it's probably the furry stole. Our fore-fore-foremothers probably weren't wearing theirs with oversized sunglasses and wool jumpsuits, but we like these fuzzy extras for much the same reason they do: They're crazy warm.
And depending on your ethics, you don't have to do it old-school and buy a real pelt. There are plenty of brands putting out realistic-looking faux versions and thrift stores are generally stocked with vintage ones this time of year. If you want to shop your own closet, there's a chance that the furry lining on your parka is detachable. Loop an elastic around the buttonholes to make a complete circle and wear it around your neck. With so many ways to style it, there's no reason you have to fear giving off old-lady vibes. Click through for five women who are carrying on the tradition.