9 Foods You Need To Put In Your Freezer Immediately

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It's HOT outside, and we've officially come to terms with the fact that we can't live off of iced coffee and ice cream alone. That said, we really don't want to eat anything that requires cooking or is served hot (or even room temperature, for that matter).
But, summer also makes us lazy, so we also don't want to be munching on cold treats that take a lot of work. That's where freezer snacks come in. All you have to do is throw these nine foods in the freezer, and you'll have something to cool you down in no time. You've never had more love for your ice box.
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Yoghurt Cups Or Tubes
If you buy individual yoghurts, try popping them in the freezer. They're still portable and perfect for eating on the go, but you'll be eating frozen yoghurt (a.k.a. dessert) instead of the usual.
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If you've never snacked on frozen grapes you're missing out. In fact, we recommend making a whole salad with frozen fruit — refreshing and healthy.
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Chocolate Chips
If that package of chocolate chips that is meant for baking cookies (some day) actually ends up getting eaten a handful at a time, just give in and stick the whole bag in the freezer.
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Chocolate Pudding
Or, you can always put a ice lolly stick through the top of a pudding container and turn it into a no-fuss pudding pop.
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Freeze coffee in ice cube trays to put in your iced coffee drinks, or use the cubes in smoothies for an extra caffeine boost. Filling ice lolly moulds with coffee also makes for a cooling and energising frozen treat.
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Mango Cubes
Eating frozen mango is pretty much like eating dessert. We suggest putting pieces on a sheet tray and sticking toothpicks in each one for an icy summer snack or party app.
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Frozen Champagne or rosé can easily be turned into a granita, a boozy slushie, or just a fun new take on a mimosa.
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Frozen berries can be blitzed into smoothies, eaten as-is, or thrown into a parfait for an extra-chilled snack.
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Speaking of smoothies, freeze those, too! They make for great popsicles, or you can always turn them into healthy "ice cream" and just eat them with a spoon.

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