5 R29 Staffers Share Their Most Revealing Fitbit Stat

Struggling to sip your eight glasses of water a day? There’s an app for that. Thinking about finally practising some sleep hygiene? There’s an app for that, too. And if you’re eager to get your spending under control (it’s the £3 coffees that do it), there are about 456,973 apps for that as well (maybe more).
In 2019, there are few areas of our lives that can’t be enhanced with the help of an app on our phones and some statistics. Getting a handle on your personal data lets you know your own body and mind better, enabling you to shape your habits, change your health and achieve your goals – be they physical or otherwise – making it easier to live your best life.
At the same time, we know more than ever about the benefits of putting down our phones. So being able to keep tabs on our vitals – our heart rate during a gruelling 5k, our most listened-to songs of the summer, the number of days until our next period, and more – without being glued to our phones is ideal.
Fitbit’s new Versa 2 smartwatch, with Amazon Alexa built in as well as sleep and fitness tracking capabilities, means you don't need a separate app for everything and you can leave your phone firmly in your bag while you’re powering through your day. Your most important numbers can all be tracked from your wrist. 
We asked five R29 staffers to road test the Fitbit Versa 2 for a week and share their most revealing statistic, spanning sleep, money, fitness and more. Buckle up.

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