The Famous Bloggers With Lucrative Side Businesses

Being a successful blogger can be a full-time job — and pay just as much as a typical 9-to-5 gig (sometimes way more). Between ad sales, getting paid per post by brands, making guest appearances, and even collaborating on designer collections, big bloggers have more than one income stream.

The future of blogging is uncertain, so working on other ventures as a Plan B in case the industry takes a turn makes a lot of sense for these tastemakers. Of course, they could just be using their current influence to make even more money. And we can't blame them: They've got the already-established millions-strong followings of super-fans that any business would kill to sell to; they might as well capitalise on their own popularity.

Some of these side gigs might surprise you — from running event spaces to selling stick-on body jewels. These are the small businesses that help bloggers pay the bills.

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