Madeleine Shaw's Coconut Recipes For Sunnier Days

It's April. Which in accordance with British law means you have to start doing all things summery now. Buy some sandals, go drinking in a beer garden, take a weekend trip to the seaside, wear an entirely inappropriate outfit for the inclement weather which is, no doubt, just around the corner.
About this time, our appetite usually changes a little. Gone are stews and roasts and in their place we switch to lighter, fruitier and more tropical dishes. Which is why coconut is such an excellent ingredient to reacquaint yourself with at this time of the year.
However, I've got nothing up my sleeve, coconut recipe-wise. Slathering it all over my body to give me lovely skin, yes. Using it in food for anything other than toning it down when I've gone OTT with the chilli, no.
Luckily, Madeleine Shaw, food blogger and nutritional therapist has reached out to give us a hand, providing us with three coconut-based recipes to practise and perfect before summer actually arrives.
Click through to see the recipes.
Madeleine has created a new coconut face mask for Origins UK. Glow-Co-Nuts is available now.

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