How To Do Denim In 2016

Denim is a fabric that gets along with everyone. It passes no unflattering or creasing judgements, acts as promiscuous seasonal love affairs in the wave of trends, but once you've found the ultimate timeless pair of jeans, they'll be your loyal companion for life. Unlike other fabrics, wear will only make them better, and despite originating purely as a utilitarian fabric with function trumping its form, denim has since proven to be the very boss of fabrics, mastering the epic skills of being both reliable, versatile and genderless.
The day I sewed flower patches on my flares to go with my pig-tails and white Buffalos as a child, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The versatility of denim means that it has taken me through every moment of my life right up until present moment, when I'm sitting in a pair of blue normal-waist straight jeans.
As a teenager, I'd at times layer anything that looked eye-catching enough and wait for something exciting to happen. "All dressed up and nowhere to go" would be the reaction I got from my father. I like a garment that doesn't limit what I can do in it, and denim is exactly that. In a good pair of jeans, you can find yourself dancing in a club in London or on your couch watching Netflix. This is my guide to wearing denim.
Sarah Mikaela is a fashion blogger who runs Framboise Fashion. Follow her on Instagram.

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