DedCool’s Milk Fragrance Will Make You Smell Like A Sensual Load Of Laundry

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Remember the much-more-luxurious-than-it-needed-to-be detergent we were all raving about last year? Good news, fragrance enthusiasts: It's also a perfume! Our obsession with clean scent imprint DedCool's signature Milk scent is real — and worry not, there's no actual dairy involved. If you can’t get enough of the brand’s high-end laundry soap, you no longer have to sit around your house sniffing the container (guilty) — now you can wear it on you all day long. The Milk Layering + Enhancer Fragrance, with its musky and fresh notes, can be layered under perfumes (like the name suggests) or can be worn on its own. No matter how you choose to use it, the magic of its complex simplicity defies description. However, to eliminate the possibility of buyer’s remorse, I've attempted the impossible task of describing the fragrance ahead. Keep scrolling to read my review of the genderless scent that's rendered me speechless.
Described as a hypnotic and comforting scent, the Milk fragrance can be worn alone or layered over other perfumes. It only has three notes: bergamot as a bright top note, white musk as a sensual middle note, and a base layer of warm amber. Reviewers are going crazy for this scent, calling it "indescribable," "perfectly unisex," and "the best fragrance" they've ever smelled. With a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and 148 reviews, it's clear that people are obsessed.

Every person who is close enough to me to smell this perfume tells me how much they love it. It's very intimate.

Dedcool reviewer
On its own, it's exactly as the brand describes: a comforting scent with a slight light powder smell and an autumn-like base, airy enough to be used in the spring and summer but warm enough to be used during the colder months. That also means that it flawlessly transitions from a daytime scent to a night-life one. As a “layering” scent, it’s meant to be worn with other fragrances, so I tried it out with one of my favourite perfumes: Snif's Natural Talent. DedCool's Milk added a layer of complexity to Snif's juicy, leathery scent. It became fresher — a subtly intense version of the already gender-neutral smell. I'd highly recommend the perfume to anyone looking for a sensual unisex scent that's light and complex enough for all seasons and occasions.
Customers’ comments on Milk speak to the complex and mutable nature of the smell. “I got a sample of Milk in a tester set and it is my go-to,” explained a reviewer named Jaeleen. “Perfectly unisex, amazing on its own, and can be layered over pretty much any other fragrance to enhance it in a way that is indescribable. Highly recommend experimenting with layering if you've been struggling to find a signature scent,” they added. Reviewer Z wrote: “This is the best fragrance I've ever smelled ... but it's so light, I feel like I am the only one that can smell it, and that's only right after I spray it. I guess it's only meant to be an enhancer fragrance, but I want it to be stronger! Can you guys make that?!” Reviewer Mora R. wrote that they “can’t stop sniffing” the signature parfum, adding that they’re “HUGE about scent and quality of scent [and] this will always be a staple for me!”
If you’re looking for a lightweight but powerful fragrance that pairs a low profile with a big impact, leave the detergent in your laundry room and opt for this unique fragrance enhancer instead.

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