Unsure About Culottes? It’s All In The Length

We understand. Skinny jeans are safe — they're fail-proof, for the most part, and they go with every single kind of top and shoe. But there's been a steady sea change happening in the World of Trousers, and the coolest women we know have almost completely switched over from skin-tight to baggy. Boyfriend jeans, relaxed-fit styles, and culottes are the norm for fashion's early adopters. Still, we get the hesitation. There are far too many memories of unflattering, frumpy, frowsy, wide-legged trousers that make you feel more like a pierogi than a person.
But the secret to finding a pair of culottes that actually works for you is all in the length. The most flattering pairs end at the skinniest part of your leg — for most women, that's right above your ankle. Once you've got a pair that hits there, your culottes will look correct, no matter if you're wearing heels or flats. Click through for proof.

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