An Ode To The Unsung Hero Of Everyone's Sweater Collection

My sweater collection quite literally multiplies every winter. And because everyone knows there's no easy way to store them, my "collection" is more so a tall, leaning tower pushed to one side of a shelf in my closet. But out of all the options I own (and believe me, there are many), there is one style I always keep in close reach — and it turns out I'm not the only one. Let's all take a moment to sing long overdue praise for the perfectly oversized, chunky, cream-coloured knit.

Now, I know "chunky" is not a cute word to describe a sweater, but that's exactly what this wardrobe hero needs to be: thick and billowy enough to pair with everything in your closet. And no matter how many striped, colourful, and graphic versions I continue to accumulate, none will ever be as versatile as this this neutral one. It's the kind of sweater you reach for when you're in a hurry, don't even want to think about what to wear on top, or are stumped on what to wear with that pleated skirt, or those oversized, patent pants you got at a sample sale (seriously, this beloved sweater goes with everything).

From sleeveless and ribbed to cable knit, click on to embrace this wardrobe hero in all of its forms. Who knows: This might be an opportunity to clean out some sweaters that aren't nearly as praise-worthy — that's what I'll be doing.

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