I Dyed My Hair Copper, The Trendiest Shade Of 2020 – & I Love It

Like celebrities such as Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth and 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford, I’ve admired the copper hair trend for some time now. Adding hair inspiration to my Pinterest board and trawling through the hundreds of #copperhair hashtags on Instagram (Jemma Wade is arguably the original copper hair influencer), I've discovered that the combination of rich, warm red and orange hues suits virtually all lengths and cuts.
So when R29's beauty editor spotted a picture of me at our Christmas party which had a balmy, sepia-esque filter over the top that made my hair appear almost burnt orange, I decided to take the plunge. My hair is a light, sort of classic brown but I do have a few odd strands of both deep and light red. I’ve been growing it out but I get bored so easily. Instead of chopping it all off and ruining my hard, very patient work, choosing a new, cool colour gave me something else to look forward to.
Patch Test
I chose to go to boutique hair salon Taylor Taylor on Commercial Street in Shoreditch, which is heaven. There are two other salons in London, one in Liberty and another in Notting Hill. The decor at the Shoreditch outpost makes you feel like you’re on a film set (and you’re greeted with a bar menu on arrival). I had a consultation with top colourist and hairstylist Jason, a step we'd both recommend, as it's integral to achieving exactly what you want. I showed him all the pictures I'd pinned on Pinterest (a variation of light and deep copper tones) and he suggested the colour which would suit me best: a muted copper with soft flecks of cinnamon and crabapple to create a blend that reflected my natural complexion. Before I booked in, a patch test was mandatory, as this would be quite the transformation.
The process was very long (I was in the chair for almost four hours) but I had a lovely old time. It's important to note that a change like this has multiple steps. First, Jason created a pre-lifting colour blend using Illumina by Wella Professionals to reach the required level of lightness, and under the lamp I went. After a while, my colour had changed quite drastically from my natural brown to a shocking crimson, which panicked me for a moment. Then it turned a bold, bright orange (which, actually, I was vibing) but Jason explained that the 'top coat' would achieve the final shade.
I was very excited (and two martinis down at this point) but it wasn't done just yet. I had to spend a little more time under the lamp to help the colour develop to its full potential, which was followed by a wash, condition and a must-have blow-dry, which gave me '70s-inspired waves. I was immediately in love with my new look and strutted home with so much sass. I spent the rest of the evening looking at myself in the mirror.
I've received so many compliments, which obviously I'm enjoying immensely. In fact, I've been pretty unbearable. One thing I would say is that I definitely spend more time on my hair now as it looks so beaut when I give it some attention! As the colour is so vibrant, I find that it’s enhanced by the shine post-style. But to be honest, putting a little bit of effort into my appearance is a bit overdue at 27.
Initially I wore more makeup, as I felt I looked really odd when I first got my hair done. Eyeshadow, mascara and a bold lip became my signature. A few weeks later, however, I've ditched the extra makeup but I’m continuing to put more effort into my hair. It truly is something.
My haircare routine has changed, too. I now use Lore Originals products which were recommended by Jason for their sulphate- and paraben-free credentials. Sulphate-free products are especially important if you want to preserve your hair colour. I regularly look to the Cleanse + Purify Vegan Shampoo, £18, with the Condition + Restore Vegan Conditioner, £18, both of which are colour safe and leave your hair feeling and smelling amazing. 
At Taylor Taylor, a full head of colour starts at £155. If you want to bite the bullet and switch things up to copper, I’d say absolutely go for it. It’s such a rich and fun shade and I can tell that I’m really going to enjoy the colour as it fades, too. I'll absolutely make the most of this lighter me and I’m considering different red shades and even pink tones while I have a lighter base to work with.
Services were provided by Taylor Taylor for the purpose of this feature.

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