Welcome to Shout Out. We've opened our studio doors to 12 talented women and given them a platform to push the boundaries of their creativity. Each month, we’ll release an exclusive original project – stay tuned to be inspired and amazed.


Renew logo mark

The classic Chuck Taylor has been reborn as the recycled Converse Renew. To celebrate, we've handed over to three women who are challenging the culture of fast fashion to show us how they renew what they do. Here are the first two.



My most recent collection is made from sustainable and locally sourced fabrics so I’ve created a limited capsule collection made from upcycled curtains, inspired by my customised Converse Renew shoes. As a young creative, I’ve learned how to use limited resources to my advantage. Repurposing materials can be unpredictable, you never know what or how much of a material you’ll find, so I’ve had to work harder to put together this project made from curtains I sourced from charity shops.

My independent brand, Loutre aims to minimise the impact we have on the environment by repurposing sustainable materials to create one-off skate pieces. These pieces inspire me to keep creating as sustainably as possible. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on our planet but working with brands like Converse will soon spark change in the fashion industry. I’ve realised that being resourceful is the most rewarding thing about what I do.

Large Pia Schiele collage
I've always been a typical tomboy with a bit of a feminine touch. You can see this in my personal style as well as m y brand.