Bella Hadid Tries Fashion’s Latest Questionable Trend

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Update: We hate to say we told you so, but we definitely called this one: Chain bras are officially a thing. All it took was a weekend at Coachella for Bella Hadid to take the questionable trend on a test drive. Much to our relief, though, instead of wearing it on its own, she styled it pretty cleverly under a straight-necked black cami that appears to be this bodysuit from Reformation. Of course one passing wear by a Hadid or Jenner is enough to make a wacky trend catch on with the masses. Does Hadid's Coachella look have you convinced? As you're deliberating, click through for another look at how she styled this jewellery-lingerie hybrid, and a few others we pulled from Instagram.
Originally published on April 7, 2016.

We're no strangers to questionable fashion accessories — in recent seasons, we've tried to wrap our heads around everything from face jewellery and elbow bandeaus, to headband earrings, bikini necklaces, and furry chokers. Now, we can add one more puzzler to the mix, thanks to social media: the chain bra.
Produced by both underwear brands and jewellery-makers, this bling-meets-lingerie contraption is perplexing, considering it doesn't actually function like a normal bra. There's no padding, no hook-and-eye closure, and it definitely does not smooth out your breasts or hold them in place. Really, it's just a bunch of chains pieced together into the shape of an outline of where a bra would be — except, of course, you don't (and probably can't) actually wear a bra with these.
While we're all about undergarments that are meant to be seen (Who doesn't love a lace bralette peeking out from a low-cut tank?), it's hard to find anything appealing about the idea of cold, hard metal rubbing against your boobs all day long. So can this style seriously catch on? With Coachella right around the corner, we're thinking it might have a chance — which, believe us, we find just as shocking as you do.
Click through to see different variations of the chain bra we've seen thus far, and let us know: Are you into giving this bold trend a try?

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