How To Do Brunch At Home (Because There Are No Queues At Home)

Hey urban food-eaters! Let me ask you this: how many times have you paid upwards of £20 for brunch in a loud room filled with simpering bloggers and power-tripping waiters, and thought 'pfft, I could have made that myself'?
Lots, right? Do it then.
It’s time to claim back the power. The power to say, “I want hollandaise AND syrup and I’ll choose the quantity thank you,” and “No I won’t wait an hour and a half for a table in the alley next to the bins,” and “when you recommend four to five sharing dishes per person, I KNOW YOU ARE LYING.” It’s time to roll up our sleeves, fire up our ovens and dust off that Falcon enamelware dish we use to keep receipts and hair grips in. It’s time to make our own food and stand on our own chairs to take photos of our own tables – and invite real-life people over to witness it.
Here’s how to create the ultimate brunch experience, in a place where you conveniently already live.

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