The Best Wines For Under £20

We learn a lot as we become adults, like how to keep a plant/pet/child alive for longer than a couple of hours and how to cook a meal that involves vegetables (and is actually edible). But for most of us there seems to be one major lesson that we never get taught: which bottle of wine is a good bottle of wine?

When a Lambrusco (or Blue Nun if you were feeling really fancy) was once all you needed to get a party going, apparently wine is now supposed to do more than just act as a mild paint stripper. Today our palettes might have grown bigger, but that doesn't necessarily mean our booze budget has, so how are we supposed to choose wine which tastes good and doesn't cost as much as a small house?

Fear not, we've trawled the tasting notes of one of the world's greatest wine experts and found the pick of the bunch that you can buy right now, all for under £20.

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