Want To Get Your Sh*t Together In 2021? There’s A Podcast For That

Setting goals for yourself after the year we've all had can be a tricky business. For some, goal-setting or creating internal challenges can be a great way to incentivise yourself and mentally draw a line under 2020. Equally, if you aren't able to properly rest before the year is out, setting too lofty a goal will probably be beyond your reach and you'll inevitably fall short. There's no need to blame yourself! Life is hard, we're all tired, there's no point kidding yourself that you'll run 100k in a month.
The trick is to find a balance. Look at the parts of your life that you want to get in order in some way, then nudge at them gently. Podcasts are the ideal medium for this.
Whether you want to learn a bit more, run a little further, soothe your brain or begin to unpick the impact of diet culture, these podcasts will act as a guide to getting your shit together in 2021.
The original and the best, the NHS podcast is the easiest and gentlest way to get your body moving again. Whether you're just a bit out of shape or haven't run since year 9 PE, this podcast will hold your hand and get you moving over nine weeks.
Diet culture and anti-fat bias has been ingrained in all of us since birth. Maintenance Phase (hosted by @yrfatfriend and Michael Hobbes from You're Wrong About) acts as a defence against all those people who believe you should want to lose weight in the new year. Going beyond messaging about body positivity, this show unpacks the anti-fat bias and bullshit underpinning diet trends and wellness fads.
No one said podcasts had to be long to be good, right? These 15-minute forays into pop psychology with master certified confidence coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D. are a quick way to ease yourself into tackling your anxiety or imposter syndrome. There are over 150 episodes that'll teach you to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence and get what you want in life.
This is an absolute classic of a podcast. Though the focus is on a real couple's therapy session, their struggles through obstacles and Esther's insightful wisdom can be applied to all aspects of your life. Consider it your free therapy session.
Failure, one of the most dependable facets of the human condition, is something we're taught to be ashamed of. But nothing will help you get your shit together more than identifying how failure has set you on the path to who you are today. Elizabeth Day's podcast is an affirming journey into doing just that, speaking to celebrities and special guests about their own failures along the way.

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