Lipsticks You Can Still Wear When Your Lips Are Beyond Chapped

Having flaky, dry lips doesn't rank high on our list of everyday grievances — it's more of an annoyance than anything. But somewhere down the list, right next to missing your bus or spilling coffee on a white shirt, there it sits: the bane of any lipstick lover's existence.
It's trivial, sure, but we dare you to find a makeup nerd who hasn't had a look ruined by a pair of lips that resemble two withered prunes. "Flaky lips are a real problem [because it's] damaged skin," says Sara Happ, founder of her eponymous lip-care brand. The secret to getting rid of the issue? "They need time to heal," Happ says.
While drinking lots of water, gently exfoliating, and topping off your lips with a hydrating balm is the fastest and easiest way to rid yourself of the problem, it doesn't mean you have to forgo lipstick altogether in the meantime. Ahead, check out lipsticks (at a variety of price points and finishes) you can wear whether your lips are chapped, flaky, or just plain dry.

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