Low-Sugar Alcohol Exists! Here's Where To Find It

Photo: Matilda Hill Jenkins.
You might be terribly conscientious when it comes to your sugar consumption from solid foods but do you know how much sugar is in the alcohol you're drinking?
See, there is currently no requirement for alcohol companies to show nutritional information on the sides of their bottles – which has led to some pretty spectacular misconceptions about the amount of sugar and calories in alcohol.
Take for instance the fact that a pint-sized bottle of cider can contain 20.5g of sugar, which is over two-thirds of your daily recommended sugar intake. For context, that's a totally crazy five cubes of sugar, in just one drink.
Perhaps because alcohol companies aren't required to display sugar content on their bottles, low-sugar alcohol is tougher to get hold of than low-sugar food. Luckily, there are a few pioneers out there who can sort you out with some healthy(ish) drinks.

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