19 Must-Have Liquid Lipsticks

Months ago, if you offered me a liquid lipstick, I'd give it a hard pass. I've tried a few before, and saw little advantage to applying lipstick from a lip gloss-like tube versus a traditional bullet. But some time between that time and today, I did a complete 180. Now, I wear liquid lipsticks almost exclusively.
So what happened? Part of this is due to the sheer fact that liquid lipsticks have popped up just about everywhere, from YouTube to Instagram. I also learned that their formulations have seriously improved, so I gave them another whirl and ended up loving the punch of opaque colour, which I quickly realised you can only get from the liquid stuff.
After months of trying dozens of different liquid lippies, I've found a few favourites. All of the products ahead are beautiful, easy to apply, and don't leave my lips feeling parched or looking crusty. Check them out, ahead.