The One Tool That Makes Air-Dried Hair Look So Much Better

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
One of the (many) reasons why we love air-drying our hair is because it's so damn easy. Wash and gos are a godsend, especially during warmer months when mother nature steps in as our hairdryer. But now that we're a whopping five days into fall, we may have to plug in our hot tools to get the finish that we need — and that doesn't just apply to the curly crew.
Sometimes, you still need a touch of heat to polish or define a few pieces, especially in fall and winter when we're forced to air-dry overnight, or use a diffuser to speed the process along before grabbing a coat and heading to work. For this, it's crucial to have an iron that effectively mimics your natural texture. That way, a quick touch-up blends seamlessly with the rest of your 'do. (No one likes rocking perfectly air-dried waves with a few telltale ringlets you added last minute.)
We've rounded up a few of our favourite irons that make it easier to air-dry in the colder months — and still look like your 'do dried perfectly — ahead.

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