London’s Most Family-Friendly Restaurants

It's an odd, but very widespread belief, that once you become a parent, or you want to socialise with someone who has a child, or be around anyone under ten, then you no longer have the right to go out for good food. For too long, parents – and especially mothers – have been made to feel that fine dining isn't for them. Children should be happy with a bag of chips, pregnant women should be happy with water if they're not drinking alcohol, and any mother who wants to breastfeed her child should be swiftly covered with a napkin (and should feel happy about it).
But times are definitely changing. This could be due to the rise of women in the restaurant industry or the massive influence of mothers on social media like Slummy Single Mummy. Or it might just be because restaurants have realised there are over 18 million families in the UK and many of them would like to have more options than a Happy Meal. So we've found our favourite spots in London for all mothers who love good food, whether they are accompanied by their little ones or not.

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