15 Quirky & Beautiful Engagement Rings On Etsy

Not all engagement rings are created equal. Despite what you see in Katherine Heigl films.
No, these days there's no rule that says you have to have diamonds, no rule that says a platinum band is better than a gold one. Basically, like everything else, the modern engagement ring is a "you do you" situation.
Except someone else is choosing it for you.
Annoying that, isn't it?
Nevertheless, just because you're not allowed to choose the final ring yourself (and tbh, I've got friends who absolutely have chosen their own ring because, well, they don't fancy the prospect of pretending to like a ring they've got to wear for the rest of their life) doesn't mean you can't drop hints.
Luckily, Etsy is a treasure trove of interesting designs to suit a whole range of budgets. Click through to see some of our favourites.
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Rough diamonds are great. They're like season five Betty Draper. Beautiful, classy, smart but do not, for the love of all things holy, attempt to cross her.

Tamara Gomez Claw set rough diamond ring, £975, available at Etsy
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These stacking rings work for engagement and wedding ring. Even better, the gold is fairtrade and the diamonds are ethically mined.

Shakti Ellenwood Fairtrade wedding ring, £2,564, available at Etsy
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Aardvark are a great find. Based in Birmingham, they've got just about every kind of traditional (and some non-traditional) engagement ring you can think of, in every different price range. This millennial pink one is super-pretty.

Aardvark Jewellery Rose quartz solitaire engagement ring, £199, available at Etsy
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Don't want any stones at all? No problem. This ring is for those wishing to make a big old statement – or possibly keep it a secret that they're engaged at all.

Otis Jaxon Gold wire wrapped ring, £449, available at Etsy
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Another stacking ring which will look magnificent with a similarly designed wedding band.

Nikki Stark Jewellery Yellow gold diamond ring, £245, available at Etsy
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Stacking rings again. This time, though, they're disguised as a tree. A nice tree.

Caroline Brook Jewelry Rose gold and emerald twig engagement ring, £300, available at Etsy
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Rustic but still all kinds of charming. Nice touch with the sapphires.

Heather Stephens Handmade sapphire engagement ring, £260, available at Etsy
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Delicate, pretty but far from your average.

Sarah Brown Jewellery Blossom cluster ring, £690, available at Etsy
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Another one from Aardvark. This time at the other end of the price spectrum, with a really rather magnificent diamond.

Aardvark Jewellery 1 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring , £3,999, available at Etsy
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What's better than one diamond? Three. Obvs.

Dytham Jewellery Diamond trilogy rose gold engagement ring, £1,085, available at Etsy
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If sparkly things are too much for you, consider the black diamond which, for those of you who wear black all the time, might be a more refreshing option.

Ivy Nixon Jewellery Black diamond Maya ring, £625, available at Etsy
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Alternatively, go for pearls.

Ivy Nixon Jewellery Akoya pearl & diamond ring, £550, available at Etsy
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This one's made with lab diamonds which technically aren't diamonds, although they sparkle like them. And last forever.

The Aladdin's Cave Handmade engagement ring, £158.96, available at Etsy
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Sure, you can get this ring's stone in the colour of your birthstone. Or you could just choose the colour you like the best.

Mabel Hasell Jewellery Birthstone ring, £240, available at Etsy
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And another one that looks like a very pretty twig.

Forest Bride Berries ring £545, available at Etsy

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