Lazy Girl Cooks: 3 Meals Best Eaten From A Bowl In Front Of The TV

There is something so soothing and simple in the act of eating food from only a bowl, with just a spoon. I love the feeling of a warm bowl of something good which I’ve taken the time to cook nestling in my lap while I watch television.
In the long, dark months of winter I like to make things that require slow stirring, like polenta; recipes that are based on mountains of mashed potato; and of course, anything to do with pasta. Here are three of my favourite meals that are made to be eaten in a big bowl balanced on your knees while you’re sitting on a sofa.
These are all recipes for one portion so just double the quantity to make them for two. I believe they’re all best served with an evening of uninterrupted films that you find equally as comforting.

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