Forget Paris Chic, The Style Is In Berlin

When people think of the Berlin style, it's often in the context of getting into Berghain, the city's notoriously difficult to get into nightclub/ dayclub/ underground style centre. But actually there's a lot more to Berlin's fashion than dog collars, harnesses and a no holds barred approach to self expression (you might as well just walk around naked). Yes, in Berghain there's a certain look, but it's a lot more diverse than that. My friend saw someone in a full-on kids entertainer clown suit there last Sunday, and that's not unusual. Inside the club, you're likely to see people trotting around in whatever they feel like (right now, there's a particularly gothic edge to it). The crowd has its own style, but it's not replicated everywhere in Berlin; on the street, people have a far more modest look, that's non-gendered and practical. Looking like you tried too hard is an easy mistake to make, not to mention a time-waster, so here are the mainstay trends you can't go wrong with in Berlin.

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