Prepare To Be Stunned By This Bottle Opener Tutorial

Photo: Getty Images.
There are hacks all over the internet that will help you out of that tight spot of wanting to enjoy your ice cold beer even when you're stranded without a bottle opener on hand. We’ve seen YouTube videos of people knocking bottle caps off with lighters and high heel shoes, and we've even seen people slice the top right off the bottle with a knife. While all are impressive enough, there’s one hack that’s definitely more surprising than any other because it involves using a flimsy piece of paper and nothing else.
Thanks to PopSugar, we came across a paper bottle opener tutorial from YouTuber Jamie Wagner. In his video, Wagner wordlessly shows off how to open a bottle with a single sheet of white paper. To do it, he folds the piece of paper 6 times until it's sturdy enough to press up against a bottle cap without bending. After a slip, he eventually gets the cap to loosen and pop off, and it's quite impressive.
So, next time, you’re hanging out in the park and the mood strikes to crack open a cold one, you won’t have to reprimand yourself for removing that frog-shaped bottle opener from your key ring just because it was a juvenile relic of your college days. It was probably the right choice, and there are other easy ways to get your bottle to open. Take a quick scan of the neighbourhood surrounding the park to see if there’s a Staples or an Office Depot anywhere close by. If you spot one, you're in luck! You’ll be mere minutes away from enjoying your beverage, especially if you've bookmarked this page for easy access. Just keep your fingers crossed that the office supply store sells individual sheets so you don't have to buy a whole pack of copy paper in order to get your drink on.

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