The Best BB, CC & DD Creams

Nowadays, it's natural to expect your coverage product to also have skin-care benefits, what with all the anti-ageing, zit-zapping, and hydrating bases on the market. BB creams (and other double-lettered iterations) served as the driving force behind the recent barrage of multitasking products on the market — and they've quickly become mainstays on our top shelves.
For those unfamiliar with alphabet creams (or are still confused about what all those letters mean), here's a quick crash course: BB stands for "beauty balm" or "blemish balm" and BB creams are basically pumped-up versions of tinted moisturisers that usually include a nice amount of SPF. CC creams, on the other hand, offer hydration and SPF — like their BB counterparts — but add some colour correction into the mix (hence, the CC).
DD creams are where it gets a little tricky, as many brands have different definitions for this category. Generally, DD creams tend to do "double duty" (and then some) — coverage, anti-ageing, sun protection, etc. Now, are DD creams really that different from their double-lettered counterparts? It depends on the brand. Ultimately, you'll have to play around with the formulas to figure out which one makes the most sense for you and your needs — and not focus too much on their position in the alphabet.
Not sure which one to try first? Click ahead to learn more and read about our favourites in each category.

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