3 Ways To Add Life To Your Batch Cooked Lunch At The End Of The Week

We all know that batch cooking/ meal prep/ call it what you will is A Very Good Thing.
It's economical, time-saving, usually healthier than Pret and generally makes us feel like we’ve got our lives fully together.
But it doesn’t half get boring eating the same thing all week, does it? By Thursday lunchtime, that once delicious bowl of chilli is about as appetising as the last sandwich left in a train station Tesco on a Saturday night.
Well, fear not, you can continue to batch cook your socks off because taking your meal from boring to very exciting indeed is totally doable, just by purchasing a few super simple ingredients from the supermarket. Read on for a few easy ways to rejig your batch cook staples so it doesn’t feel like Groundhog Day for the rest of your life.

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