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girls support girls support girls

Yes, we’ve made it this far. But only because we’ve got each other.

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In a Barbie world, women can do anything. They explore Jupiter, ride jet skis, or perform life-saving surgeries. They wear the most stylish fits and bravely go for drastic new haircuts. They can speak any language and become any country's leader. Barbie is the number one fashion doll, drenched in female empowerment and encouraging everyone who plays with her to dream big. The possibilities were just as endless as our imagination, and these versatile dolls by Mattel told us that we can achieve it all, just like Barbie. Our generation has been lucky enough to be raised with this mindset.
Denim icons Wrangler® embody the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality – aligning with the Barbie mindset. These brands have come together to create a limited-edition Barbie collection for everyone who embraces new horizons, pushes boundaries and dreams big. The collection drops with an assortment of matching sets, including Wrangler®’s renowned bootcut jean in two distinct washes. Think: everyday Barbiecore™ with a western, Y2K cowgirl twist. Pink back pocket denim labels, big, bright pink logos, bold yet playful patterns. All of these items feel as fun as a day out with your besties, when you have nowhere to be and everywhere to discover. When the world is your glittery pink shelled oyster full of big dreams.
Fast forward to being grown-ups, in the real world, it’s 2023. We no longer play out dream life scenarios with dolls in our Dreamhouse™ using horses, slides and convertibles. In fact, we’ve been busy turning those dreams into reality. We’re finishing school, we’re going to uni, we’re wearing whatever we want, we’re loving whoever we want, getting our little hearts broken every now and then, but that’s part of the deal. We’re moving halfway across the country to chase our dream careers. We’re climbing up the ladders and we’re sitting at the big tables; not as much as we’d deserve to but we’re working on this, too. We’re fighting for equal pay and we’re raising our voices to be heard and our points of view to be seen. If someone tells us we can’t do something, we’ll persevere to make it happen.
However, what we’ve learned along the way is even more important. Yes, we can do all the vision board fulfilling, self-optimising, to-do-list ticking and #goals achieving if we put in a lot of hard work and manifest a little luck. But life is also way easier and way, way more fun with women by our side, fighting the fights and talking the talks next to us. Empowering and encouraging each other, celebrating each other's wins, big and small. With real sisterhood. Didn’t get the dream job on the first try? She’s ringing your door bell, unannounced, two iced matcha lattes in her hands. Family drama? She’s listening to your 17 minute voice notes and gives detailed advice to each point. She’s the first one to attend your experimental art exhibition and the last one to help clean up after your girls' night gets a little out of hand. She understands you, no questions asked, and you understand her. There’s something so special about having this feminine energy in our lives that just can’t be replaced by anything.
Location: Studio Linné
Life’s not just about success, but about who we share it with. It’s about supporting your girls and feeling their support, day in day out. Young women are putting sisterhood first. Studies show that friendships are the number one thing young people cherish about their life. The top thing they want to focus and nurture for the future. Fulfilling our dreams is even dreamier with our sisterfriends being part of them, too. And that shift in priorities is worth being celebrated. With a peachy pair of bootcut jeans, for example.  
Click here to explore the entire Wrangler® x Barbie™ collection.
Photos: Verena Frye
Creative Direction & Text: Tina Blech
Hair: Fily Mihan
Make Up: Aminata Lindenau
Styling: Isabelle Thiede
Account Manager: Mischa van Lomm
Models: Mijou, Lea, Dana
Executive Client Partner: Nina Schims

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