5 Healthy Toast-Toppers to Combat Avocado Fatigue

The inevitable has occurred. We have reached (whisper it) "peak avocado" – avo-fatigue, if you will. Check your Instagram feed and you’ll find it’s flooded with the stuff; smashed, sliced, liquefied, blended – there is no meal in which avocado doesn’t feature.

Every brunch menu you peruse likely features ever-so-slightly different variations on the same combo of toast, avo and egg (sprinkling paprika or sprouted seed mix over the top won’t fool us, by the way). Every blog, cookbook and magazine dedicates column inches to the cause. Hell, even Nigella opened her new cookery TV series last year with the complex dish of mashed avocado on toast.

All of this begs the question: What did we put on toast before avocado? Well, this may come as a surprise, but there are alternatives out there that tick the dual criteria of delicious and healthy – yes, really. Here are five healthy toast-toppers to take your brunch repertoire to the next level. You never know, one of these might become the next avo on toast…

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