You Don’t Have To Actually Be Sporty To Wear Athleisure

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
Despite the fact that athleisure is one of the fastest-growing apparel categories of the past few years, there are some among us (ahem — it's me) who can't remember the last time they sweated on purpose. We're people who use our gym memberships more infrequently than we use our Boots loyalty card, and for whom the words "organised sports" still call to mind the mouldy changing room in middle school. We can't actually fulfil the promise of clothing made for working out and living life, and yet we want it. Some athleisure is too cool-looking to leave on the racks.
But there's no chill in pretending to be a sporty type when you aren't one, and as the women in the slideshow ahead prove, you can still be you and wear a side-striped legging, too. Here are five ways to do athleisure for non-sporty women.

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