Rihanna & Zendaya Are Loving The Latest Throwback Beauty Trend

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.
You can always count on the beauty industry to make an entire decade's worth of standout trends popular again for, you know, a few weeks. Recently, it was all about '80s beauty, with Technicolour eyeshadow and teased hair being all the rage (thank you, Glow and Stranger Things). Before that, '70s beauty had a moment thanks to women like Solange and Priyanka Chopra wearing tight curls and glittery lids. Before that, the '90s ruled the red carpet, with celebs going sleek with a flat iron to match their monochromatic brown makeup.
Stars love a throwback beauty moment, and now it's time for the '60s to shine. Cat-eye makeup, bouffants, and Twiggy-inspired lashes have flooded red carpets, fashion shows, and magazine covers, and to be honest, we aren't mad — especially after the '80s-inspired neon lips and coloured mascara.
"Periods in time which have a distinct identifiable style will forever cycle back into our lives," hairstylist James Pecis, whose work can be seen on W magazine's most recent cover with Millie Bobby Brown, says. "The '60s was one of those moments when there was a swing in trends which created its own identity. The music, fashion, art, and film of the 60's created a movement and trends which we will forever reference and fall back to."
While '80s beauty is all about being big and bold — with blush as contour and intense, smudgy eyeliner — the '60s has the benefit of being equally impactful, but a touch more refined. You've still got big hair, but it's usually teased and then smoothed out to perfection. You've still got that dramatic eyeliner, but it's often a result of a more stylised technique. Those Twiggy eyelashes take a whole lot of concentration, after all. The best new iterations to try now, ahead.

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