29 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Sex

When it comes to sex, our 20s can be a formative decade. It can be a time when we learn about ourselves, our desires, what we like, and what we don't. Some of us are having sex for the first time in our 20s or trying out casual sex — and many of us are having good sex for the first time. Each year, the learning curve can be huge.
We've gathered 29 pieces of sex advice from people in their 20s or just beyond them. Whether it's the life-altering benefits of foreplay or the importance of communication, these are the valuable lessons they learned (or are still learning) about sex during this impressionable decade.
Of course, while these tips worked for them, they won't all necessarily work for you. And that's okay. Talking about sex openly and sharing our experiences will only help us get a better understanding of the sexual landscape — not to mention what we might be into ourselves.
Here, 29 valuable lessons people learned about sex in their 20s.

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