The Top Viral Songs That Exploded On TikTok In 2022

Illustration by Paola Delucca
When it comes to trending music these days, the millennial in me sometimes misses the time when Video Hits and Channel V charts were at their prime.
These days, what actually dictates a chart-topper is how many viral TikTok videos it can lend itself to. TikTok is reliable for keeping us up to speed with what's trending in music, what sounds accurately reflect the 'mood' of what has been yet another chaotic year, and what sped-up songs have got us all dancing in our living rooms.
As we near the end of the year, TikTok has released a list of the top trending tunes on the platform in 2022 across the globe.
There's a mix of fresh songs as well as classics making a comeback — some soaring in popularity thanks to being a part of a popular TV show soundtrack (ahem, Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill', anyone?).

Here are TikTok’s trending tunes this year:


But wait, there's more. TikTok has not only allowed us to feel inspired by what we hear but the 2022 wrap-up is an opportunity for musicians to showcase their work, especially off the back of the pandemic. Some artists have felt the pressure to make their music appeal to a TikTok audience, while others are willingly here for the ride.

Here are the artists with the most video views throughout 2022:


the feeling of falling out of love with your favourite band.

♬ original sound - Peach PRC

I cannot believe you knew all the words this was truly beautiful thank you 🥲💘

♬ original sound - The Kid LAROI.

should we put this song out

♬ original sound - clintonkane

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