We Have A Lot Of Questions About Black Irish, Mariah Carey’s New Liquor

Photo: Courtesy of Black Irish.
Once upon a time, there were the Lady Gaga Oreos; even more recently, there was the Saweetie Mcdonalds meal. Now, Mariah Carey β€” who blessed us last December with her own line of Christmas cookies β€” is bringing her talents to your nearest supermarket. On Monday, Carey announced the launch of her new Irish cream liqueur line, something we never thought to want but, perhaps, something we needed.
Carey unveiled her new endeavor on Instagram and Twitter. True to form, the announcement came with an instantly iconic photo of Carey, dressed in a sparkly, silver gown, sprawled in the sand behind a bottle of Black Irish. "Two years in the making," she captioned the mermaidian shot. "Truly a cause for celebration!!!!"
This is great, sure, but we have questions. Like, why is Mariah Carey drinking Irish cream on the beach? As the Queen of Christmas, wouldn't it make more sense to time this launch to winter? Does this mean she'll bring back her divisive, non-alcoholic Butterfly drink? And how did she land on Irish cream, a relatively niche beverage? (Personally, I'm still holding out for some Mariah-approved champagne or tea.) 
There's a rationale behind the product, though. Carey's maternal family hails from Ireland, and according to the press release, the name is meant to be "a playful nod to her Black and Irish lineage." Carey has spoken about her biracial identity before, and went particularly in-depth in a 2020 interview with Vulture.
"The truth is, I will never say I had the same experience as a darker-skinned woman," she said, but there were also challenges that came with "having a white mother, and being forced to live in white neighbourhoods, and feeling ashamed that there is nobody visibly Black there."
Black Irish is currently available in three flavours. The original liqueur is described as "rich" and "luxurious," with "aromas of freshly roasted coffee, milk chocolate, and warm spices"; you can also purchase the "silky, creamy, and smooth" white chocolate liqueur, or the "rich and creamy" salted caramel flavour. So far, the reviews are positive, and some Instagram commenters said that the flavours mix well together. Twitter fans especially can't wait to get their hands on some bottles.
While Carey's liqueur is currently only available to buy in the US, here's hoping UK fans will be able to get their hands on a bottle in time for the Christmas season.

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