Just When You Thought Things Were Calm, Mercury In Leo Is Bringing Lots Of Drama

This hot, fiery summer is blazing on — both IRL and astrologically. On July 27, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, makes its way into the main character of the zodiac: Leo. This means one thing, and one thing only — our communication styles are getting the star treatment. Until August 11, prepare to have your interactions create sparks (and maybe even some full-fledged fireworks).
This transit is a dramatic transition from what we just experienced while Mercury was in docile, emotional Cancer. "Mercury in Leo will liven things up and come in like a wild burst of new energy, and you may find yourself thinking in far bolder new directions and more interesting possibilities," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen.com. "We may feel more confident and determined to get our true feelings across."
Although Mercury usually likes to be in air signs, it also tends to enjoy spending time in the fire sign of the lion. "When Mercury is in Leo, we all communicate warmly, vibrantly, and straight to the point," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com. But this time around, the energy of this transit might be a little different.
Usually, Mercury in Leo gives us all a flamboyant, high-spirited, and fiery demeanour — but, according to Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck, the vibes this year may be less shine and more whine. "Mercury in Leo will oppose Saturn and Jupiter retrograde — both are in Aquarius — then square off with Uranus," she says. These transits point to rising tensions, and we'll all feel the need to be seen and heard, meaning we may act out more than usual (and not in a good way). "We’ll look for unique and rebellious ways to make a point," Stardust says. "Look out for social media arguments taken too far, or unblocking old friends and exes to engage in the drama one more time." A word of advice: Consider keeping those tweets in the drafts and those Instagram comments to yourself — they may stir up more draining, emotional drama than necessary.
This transit has Montúfar on alert as well. She says the square between Saturn and Mercury will "put a damper on all things communication," so be sure to be patient with yourself and others. Texts and emails may come across as a bit off, messages may be misconstrued, and in general, we'll find ourselves feeling somewhat confused with one another. "During this entire week, we will lack the confidence to speak our minds, and be torn between opening up to others and shutting everyone out," Montúfar says. Our inner stubborn drama queen will rear its head, and hard. You may want to lay low during this transit and focus on what kind of communication is really important to you. It's best to lay off the gossip and just focus on yourself (in true Leo fashion) for the next couple of weeks.
Now that we've sufficiently scared you, here's a happy ending: We actually thrive during this transit when we express ourselves. "This is the time to be your own supporter, as well as supportive of others," Hale says. "The focus of Mercury in this sign will be on what brings us the most joy, happiness, and fun." As long as you pay attention to what makes you shine bright and embody the vibes of Leo, you should be not only in the clear, but in the spotlight as well.

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