Your Horoscope This Week: February 28, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

With the full moon in Virgo just behind us, it's not unlikely that we’ll still be feeling all those full moon feelings. Full moons have big reputations, and this one was no exception. In fact, in addition to whatever we might think about full moons astrologically, Feb 26 marked the beginning of New Lunar Year or, Tết, the year of the ox. While it’s not especially graceful to map the lessons of the ox onto westernised astrology, it’s useful to recognise how a moon that witnesses celebrations in her name and receives offerings is a spiritually potent celestial body. To understand how a full moon in Virgo might affect you specifically, it’s useful to find out where it lands in your natal chart and what other planets it might aspect. For something a little looser, it’s worth reading for your rising sign in particular!

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