Your Horoscope This Week

We’re encouraged to be as flexible as possible on Sunday, when the ego-ruling Sun forms a quincunx with change-loving Uranus. Quincunx or inconjunct transits make our lives just a teensy bit more complicated, but it isn’t anything that we can’t sort out with a little work. We'll be able to use this transit to see other people’s points of view and explore new options.
Prepare to make an important step in a new direction on Monday, when our last Lunar Eclipse of the year in Gemini arrives. We’ve got the opportunity to pay close attention to how we're impacted by external forces that we’ve welcomed into our lives. The Moon forms a quincunx with love-ruling Venus, helping us to explore our emotions and relationships. This intensive transit lets us consider how we express and receive love. We may feel torn in making decisions as the Sun’s quincunx with dynamic Uranus raises anxiety surrounding change. Meditating on how our actions impact others and seeking guidance from trusted friends can help settle our minds.
Our collective attention to detail sharpens up on Monday, when witty Mercury creates a sextile with rule-making Saturn. We'll be supported in getting our ideas off the ground by the positive energy of this organised transit. On Tuesday, we're feeling more organised, as messenger Mercury speeds into open-minded Sagittarius. We’ve been given an excellent chance to explore new subjects and share our thoughts with others. But we’re less focused on facts during this transit, making it a good idea to take everything with a grain of salt.
Saturday brings the promise of a sweet escape, as flirtatious Venus forms a trine with imaginative Neptune. The meeting of these two planets makes way for a fantastic weekend of romance and fun. This transit can serve as a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with a partner and make some magic, or a chance to channel our energy into sprucing up our space, popping in a feel-good movie, or catching up with friends.

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