Your Horoscope This Week

We’ll start off the week on a hopeful note, as the moon begins a new cycle in strategic Scorpio. This transit is supported by lucky Jupiter's conjunction with powerful Pluto, which encourages us to seek out success to build communities and support others. It’s a key time to set an intention to lift up others. Dramatic Venus forms a square with overbearing Pluto on Sunday as well, which could bring up power struggles in relationships. We’ll have to make an effort to talk things out as these planets clash. Seeking a broader perspective will help us better understand each other's feelings. 
On Monday, materialistic Venus creates a square with bountiful Jupiter, tempting us to splurge. But a little moderation will service us well. We're feeling collectively flustered on Tuesday, as messenger Mercury opposes dynamic Uranus. The vibe is bright and active and favours flexible thinking. Finally, an excuse to multi-task: We can avoid any single-minded task during this distractible transit, and instead seek out activities that help us to find new inspiration and channel our artistic side.  
On Thursday, sensitive Venus forms a square against reliable Saturn, turning our attention outward. We may find ourselves lending a little love to someone else who is feeling down, or commanding our inner strength to help a friend or loved one in need.
Romantic Venus enters passionate Scorpio on Saturday, helping to strengthen our existing and potential relationships. Those of us who are single will find attraction in people who stimulate our intellectual side and aren't afraid to be raw. Couples may want to take their partnerships to the next level; but we’ll need to address our vulnerability before we can do so. Ultimately, we’ll have a chance to create a new connection that makes our heart flutter.
It's time to find our place within the world starting on Saturday, as the Sun makes his way into adventurous Sagittarius. We're ready to turn away from selfish thinking and focus on how we can support each other during this optimistic transit. We’ll feel fulfilled when we nurture our need for education, by researching new topics, diving into a good book, or seeking an intriguing online class.
Our emotions come to the forefront on Saturday, as the Moon waxes into her first quarter in sensitive Pisces. We're feeling more receptive to each other's feelings, and can use this new power to support friends and loved ones.

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