Venus Is In Fiery Leo, & Your Love Life Is About To Get Red Hot

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While there are astrological transits that can bring you down — Mercury retrograde, maybe you've heard of him? — there are also planetary movements out there that spark joy. And Venus in Leo is one of them. When the planet of love enters the confident sign of the lion on September 6, be prepared for some fiery hot, passionate love.
"Venus is the goddess of love, romance, beauty, and values," Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, tells Refinery29. "When she transits through Leo, the heart radiates with extra fire and love, or a desire for romance." Hale says that the best and highest manifestation of Venus in Leo is a childlike joy — so be prepared for your summer fun (and your summer fling) to go on a bit longer.
"While love was sweet and tender when Venus was in Cancer, when the Goddess of Pleasure enters fire sign Leo, love becomes, bold, generous, and unabashed," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, tells Refinery29. "Overall, this is an exciting transit for dating and even for couples who have been together for a long time."
If you've been holding off on telling your crush how you really feel, now's the time to put on Electric Love (it's a TikTok reference) and lay the truth on them. Don't be shy. The seductive combination of Venus and Leo is behind you, giving you all of the charisma and confidence you need to lure in your potential new lover.
Already in a relationship? Take advantage of this transit's passionate glow and actually date your partner again. Now's the time to ramp up the PDA and lavish your boo with gifts, flowers, cards, and dinners, Montúfar says. We're talking romantic walks on the beach, grand gestures, surprise gifts, and some intensely heated moments (wink, wink).
"For those in relationships, this is the month to really express what’s in their hearts, regardless of how long they’ve been together," she says. "Especially because after Leo, Venus will enter Virgo, a sign that is not the best for outward expression when it comes to love." Embody the powerful lion of Leo right now and let your love roar while you're both still in the mood.
"Venus in Leo brings an intense and passionate energy to our love lives," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "We can expect to go big or go home when it comes to how we express ourselves and our sentiments." Our hearts will be regal, open, and generous during this transit, she says.
Hold nothing back. But beware of the drama. Stardust says we might tend to throw off some overly theatrical sentiments right now; we could also feel like everyone else is being a little high-key toward us. "The only downside to Leo is when things go sideways in love, personal drama can be extreme, overstated, or egotistical," Hale agrees. "Actions or even conversations can occur simply for the dramatic effect it will cause."
But honestly, it could be worse. Try to avoid stirring the pot, and focus on speaking from the heart. And if things get a tad overblown or passionate, try to channel it for good. After all, who doesn't like a little bit of flair and glamour in their love life?
Montúfar says to take advantage of the Fridays during this transit, which lasts until October 2. This is the day of the week that traditionally is ruled by Venus. "A couple of days to watch out for are September 15, September 28, and September 29," she says. "During these days, sparks could fly, and surprises could happen when it comes to love and relationships."
So open your heart, and let Venus in Leo guide you to romantic victory over the next month. Whether you end up having an end-of-summer fling, getting a head start on locking down a cuffing season mate, revitalizing your relationship with your long-term boo, or practicing some truly incredible self-love — you won't regret it.

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