Even Donald Trump’s Sister Thinks He’s Too Racist To Be President, Book Says

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The much-awaited — and disputed — new book by President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump is almost here. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is set to be released by Simon & Schuster on 14th July, and its contents are even more explosive that its title. In the book, Mary offers bits of information about the current president based on her own memory, including details the Trump family's history, outright accusations that he is a "sociopath," and references to President Trump's "hubris and wilful ignorance” as a leader of the US. 
According to a copy of the book obtained by VICE News, Mary Trump's tell-all aims to uncover the psychological origins of her uncle’s “bizarre and self-defeating behaviour.” Some highlights explore Trump’s relationship with his parents, as well as his alleged willingness to do things like cheat on the SAT. In a few notable excerpts, Mary compares Trump to a three-year-old, saying he "knows he has never been loved" and says that Trump's "ego is a fragile thing that must be bolstered every moment because he knows deep down that he is nothing of what he claims to be.”
But perhaps most damning is the detailing of Trump's relationship with his sister, Maryanne, who is Mary Trump's mother. The book asserts that Maryanne dismissed his presidential campaign in 2015, calling it preposterous, and saying, “This will never happen.” According to the book, Maryanne's jarring accusations against her brother extend to her stating that Donald Trump is too racist to be president.
In 2015, after Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and said Mexico was “not sending their best” to America, Mary writes that Maryanne agreed that the “blatant racism” he displayed “would be a deal-breaker” for his winning the presidency. When Trump's campaign began to take off, with evangelicals endorsing him, it was greatly unsettling his sister. “White evangelicals started endorsing him. Maryanne, a devout Catholic ever since her conversion five decades earlier, was incensed. ‘What the fuck is wrong with them?’ the book says. ‘The only time Donald went to church was when the cameras were there. He has no principles. None!”
Though this is the first time Trump's sister has made disparaging remarks about the president in public, this is not the first time someone has written a tell-all about Donald Trump. Mary Trump's book is the second recent exposé that paints a negative portrait of him, following former national security adviser John Bolton's own rendition.
But Trump's sphere — in true form — is battling the book's release. Donald Trump’s brother Robert Trump is currently suing to stop the publication of Too Much and Never Enough. The lawsuit came up three days after the Trump administration directly requested a publication block, which was denied by a federal judge. Now, the highly-anticipated read is days away from it's release and promises to give an unfiltered look at everything from holiday dinners to family responses.
"Donald's penchant for division, and uncertainty about our country's future have created a perfect storm of catastrophes that no one is less equipped than my uncle to manage," Mary writes.

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