The New Moon In Gemini Offers Us A Chance To Reset

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If you've been feeling under pressure this past week, it's no surprise: Three planets were stationing retrograde. But on Friday 22nd May, the moon will meet the sun in Gemini to form this month’s new moon — and it'll bring along a sense of relief. "This new moon, in the most lighthearted of all zodiac signs, is a breath of fresh air," says Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer at and
New moons often signal new beginnings, making this the perfect time for a refresh. Frankly, we need it. With the coronavirus pandemic still going on and the weather getting warmer, we've all started to feel a bit restless and stagnant in our quarantine. A new moon in intellectual Gemini will fill us with new ideas, new mindsets, and new ways of approaching the situations we find ourselves in.
"The days surrounding this new moon are ideal to commit to learning something new," Montúfar says. Finally — an opportunity to actually open that bread starter kit, to learn how to rollerblade, or even to simply delve into that new documentary that's been catching your eye on Netflix.
This new moon forms a positive trine with asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage. Yes, most wedding plans have been put on hold due to the pandemic. But this cosmic event is still a good time for committed couples to talk about their future plans, as well as the feelings they have for each other, Montúfar explains. Daydream about your next vacation or try and communicate how much you've appreciated your SO during this tough time. It will pay off.
"The one thing to watch out for during this new moon is the presence of Mars, which is forming an angry square with this moon," Montúfar notes. Emotions could be heightened, so it may not be the time to bring up negative or confusing feelings.
That said, during this new moon, we'll be pushed to use our voices and communicate our needs as we "revolt against the constraints of society," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "Matters regarding the pay disparity of essential workers will be a major issue — as more people who are an essential and necessary part of life will rightfully demand an increase in salary," Stardust adds.
In fact, the areas of money and communication may feel a little cloudy or confusing in general during this new moon, because Venus is conjunct Mercury and these two money-minded planets square dreamy Neptune, warns Leslie Hale, psychic astrology at "Make sure you fully understand and trust any financial opportunities or transactions you're involved in."
Also worth noting: The decisions we make during this new moon might affect us for the rest of the year, says Montúfar. "This moon will be forming a positive trine with taskmaster Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, bringing longevity and staying power to the decisions we make and actions we take around this time," she explains.
So take it slow, and be intentional about your decisions and actions. The ramifications of them — good or bad — might stick around.

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