Cardi B Just Revealed A New Back Tattoo — & It’s Huge

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Cardi B's collection of tattoos is a physical representation of her personality. Collectively, her art is as big, vibrant, and colourful as she is — a testament to the dynamic and hilarious character we've come to love over the years. We thought her tattoos couldn't get much bolder than the large peacock covering her upper thigh and hip, or the roses drawn over her opposite leg, but her newest ink comes close. 
The rapper posted an Instagram story on Tuesday showing off a new piece of body art. Cardi's upper-back, which was previously bare (minus the word Samuel in red script on the back of her neck), now has a large tattoo of a butterfly and colourful flowers. "Two more sessions," Cardi B wrote on her Instagram Stories showing off the art and tagging the artist Jamie Schene of Union 3 Tattoo in California
It's unclear whether Cardi's tattoo was done during quarantine or before, but it's obvious that she plans to add to her current ink in the future. With adjustments to stay-at-home orders being made daily across the country, her piece could be completed sooner than later.
In Atlanta, where Cardi B has a home, tattoo parlours are currently allowed to operate and serve clients. In California, where Schene's tattoo parlour is located, restrictions are still in place for body art shops and other personal care services as the state follows Governor Gavin Newsom's four-part reopening. However, in California's northern Yuba and Sutter counties, where there are fewer confirmed COVID-19 cases, tattoo parlour doors are allowed to open. 
Cardi's new ink is also proof of the butterfly tattoo trend revival. She joins a handful of celebrities, from Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, who both recently added the symbol to their skin. We have to say, a living creature that stays cocooned for a period of time before emerging brighter and more beautiful seems like a pretty timely and encouraging motif for the current moment.

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