Twitter Has A Lot To Say About The New Animal Crossing Update

Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo.
All this time spent indoors has made the virtual world all the more appealing. Demand for the Nintendo Switch is at an all-time high and we partially have the timely release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to thank. Its appeal has mostly to do with how cozy and wholesome it is, but that doesn't mean that the game is without its scammers. Yes, you can argue that Tom Nook "putting you in charge" of developing his island, making you spend your money to set up plots of land for him to sell, and using you to recruit other residents is, well, a pyramid scheme.
Which brings us to the most exciting part of the game's latest update: the return of a familiar face and notable scammer, Redd.
Redd sells art that you can buy and then donate to Blathers. This triggers the expansion of your museum, adding an art gallery at the top of the stairs. But why is Redd a scammer? Some of the art he sells is counterfeit and won't be accepted as a donation to the museum, so it's up to you to make sure you're buying the real thing. He sells the art from a rickety boat off the private beach on your island, and even the in-game dialogue says it is sketchy.
However, unless you have a reference photo of the original, it is not so easy to detect counterfeits, and many an art history major playing the game has been duped into buying fake art.
It might help to just look the part.
In addition to Redd, the new update also welcomes Leif, a sloth that sells seeds, exotic flowers, and shrubs. Leif also buys weeds at a premium price and interactions with Leif will put you on track to building your own hedges.
The last big part of this update is the limited-time event, Nature Day, the Animal Crossing-equivalent of Earth Day. Like Bunny Day, participating in Nature Day allows you to earn Nook Miles and access fun rewards. Let's hope Nature Day isn't as stressful as Bunny Day, which even made some celebrity Animal Crossing players threaten Zipper online. May the wholesome and cosy fun continue even with the presence of the new scammers.

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