Camila Cabello Asked Her Mother To Cut Her Fringe In Quarantine

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
Hair pros will say that you should only cut your hair if it's absolutely necessary during the mandated shelter-in-place orders. Still, celebrities have been taking measures into their own hands — with some giving themselves buzzcuts and others helping each other with their trims. Camila Cabello is now in the latter camp after enlisting her mother to help her clean up her signature face-framing bangs.
The singer took to her Instagram Stories to document the process today. "This is what it's come to. The bangs are too long… can't go outside," she said in the video. "I'm going to have to trust this woman with my bangs because I can't trust myself."
Cabello went on to explain that after numerous failed attempts in middle school, she's nervous to pick up the scissors herself. "In seventh grade, I used to cut my own bangs, and they looked like mountains," she said.
After admitting that she's well aware that the move might be against her better judgment, the "Havana" singer still let her mum give it a try — and then compared herself to an iconic character from Harry Potter. "I've been seeing a lot of posts warning people not to do this, let's see how it turns out. Right now, I look like Snape," she laughed.
During the trim, Cabello shared hilarious up-to-the-minute commentary about her mum's progress, pointing out that she doesn't wear blunt, horizontal bangs like the ones she was cutting. But by the end, Cabello seemed content with the style, even if it's different from her usual curtain bangs. "It actually ended up looking not that bad," she says.
Cabello isn't the only celebrity to gamble with the bang-cutting game. Spanish singer Rosalía debuted freshly-chopped fringe while at home last month, and a few days later, Miley Cyrus showed off her Joe Exotic-style bangs on Instagram Live. While salons in L.A. remain closed, there are likely more DIY haircuts on the way in Tinseltown — and we can only hope more mums get involved.

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