New Music To Know This Week: Eve Owen & Mai Kino Take A Dip & Other Great Songs

Ever since my first job at MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to match people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book called Record Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Get everything I've recommended this year on Spotify, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and leave a comment below telling me what you're listening to this week.

Eve Owen "So Still For You"

The English coastline and folk music go together like my anxiety and chocolate. Londoner Eve Owen takes us out to the countryside to sing a gorgeous, sad song that she explains is her way of making the fleeting nature of her love into a permanent thing. If anyone has ever written a song about you, then you know that's a story that will exist indefinitely. Hopefully, it's on par with this one.

Mai Kino "Swim"

If you need something soothing on your playlist, look no further. If this is what being in a sensory deprivation tank of water feels like, I need to dunk myself in it immediately. Until then, I'll just be baptising my anxiety with this track on repeat.

Reva DeVito "Bet You Stay"

To change, erm, streams — here's a track to add to your makeout/seduction playlist. The confidence DeVito brings to her vocals is a real mood and that early '80s disco/pop beat is the flashing light that dares you to make a move. This is a fun one, let yourself go.

Raveena "Headaches"

Sometimes you don't go looking for love, it just finds you. Raveena captures the sticky sweetness of that feeling in her track, but also hits on the hangover that comes with it. There's something so Summer of Love about the guitars and zen about the song but still a hint of fear in the way she sings about it. Love is scary and wonderful and all those things at once — Raveena does a good job of expressing a myriad of feels.

DAWN "Die Without You"

Give me feelings, but make it dark. DAWN sings a song of codependency, and you know something is just a little off about this relationship because of the bassline. But wouldn't it be great to know with that kind of certainty that you're going to be with someone forever? Or...maybe not.

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