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We’re inspired to act with a new sense of integrity starting on Monday, as lucky Jupiter enters disciplined Capricorn. This is a beautiful time to buckle down on your responsibilities and take stock of resources. This transit encourages us to exercise our best judgment in all situations. The planet of expansion and knowledge inhabits Capricorn until December 2020, helping us to adjust our habits. Our thoughts quicken on Tuesday as messenger Mercury sextiles transformative Pluto. This is a brilliant transit for convincing others to support your goals, research difficult topics, or get beyond surface-level conversations. Turn off your streaming services and feed your mind as these planets complement each other. We’re feeling particularly flirty and forward on Tuesday thanks to charming Venus’s sextile with fiery Mars. We’re able to trust our instincts more easily and find more confidence to help us reach our romantic and creative goals. Take a small risk as these planets support each other. Exercise patience and tackle feelings of vulnerability on Wednesday as the Moon waxes into her first quarter in sensitive Pisces. It can be difficult to trust life’s timing, but learn to have faith in yourself during this transit.
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